veterinary compounding

Veterinary Compounding At Medical Center Pharmacy

Did you know compounding, or the manipulation of a drug to meet specific needs, is available for your pets too? You can make giving your pet the medication they need much easier by changing the flavor, form, or dilution of the medication. However, not all pharmacies are qualified to do veterinary compounding. Be sure you choose the services of pharmacists who have the specialized knowledge of veterinary compounding.

prescription compounding

Prescription Compounding

One of the many qualities that set Medical Center Pharmacy apart from the rest is our prescription compounding service. In fact, Medical Center Pharmacy is the only pharmacy in Midland offering prescription compounding. But what is prescription compounding and how can it benefit you?

Why Prescription Compounding?

Put simply, prescription compounding is the process of creating a particular pharmaceutical product to specifically fit the individual needs of a patient.