Are you getting enough sleep?

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

We’ve all been there, done that: hitting the snooze button until you just can’t do it any longer. Medical Center Pharmacy is here today to talk about some signs that you may not be getting enough sleep and how to help!

Signs Your Sleep Schedule Is Off

Although this is just a short list of how lack of sleep can affect your life, do you experience any of these issues?

  • Your Productivity Is Declining – Are you a list maker and task manager under normal circumstances? Perhaps you’ve been missing deadlines? When your productivity and performance begin failing, it’s a big indicator that your sleep schedule is suffering.
  • You Aren’t Looking Your Best – While this seems superficial, puffy skin, dark circles under your eyes, and eye redness are usually indicative of sleepy people.
  • You Feel Like You’ve Run A Marathon…Everyday – When you’ve got the feeling of near-constant exhaustion, you should really check into adjusting your sleep schedule.
  • You’re A Grump – Sleeplessness is definitely a reason to be grouchy. However, if your mood is surly more often than not, you’re probably not getting enough rest.
  • Your Weight Is Creeping Up – Surprisingly enough, weight gain can also be attributed to not getting enough sleep. Studies have found that those who don’t get enough sleep produce less of a hormone called leptin (an appetite suppressor) and more of the hormone ghrelin (a hunger-stimulator). Not sleeping enough can cause more eating.

Ways To Get More Sleep

Life is busy and we understand that. However, it’s important to try new techniques in order to get more time for sleep.

  • Reduce your caffeine intake (see our previous blog!).
  • Put yourself on a schedule, including weekends. Similar to small children, our bodies can respond to certain schedules for sleep.
  • Avoid heavy meals and alcohol before bedtime.
  • Create a soothing, relaxing nighttime ritual. This could be a cup of decaf tea and a good book or a steamy shower.
  • Skip the naps to get your circadian rhythm on track.
  • Talk to your doctor about possible medications if you feel your sleep schedule is really off course.

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog on sleep…in fact, we liked writing it so much, we’re planning on a nap. Zzzzzzzzzzz!

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