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Medical Center Pharmacy: Why Choose Us

When it comes to choosing a pharmacy, we know you have a choice. In fact, it’s a very important choice. You don’t want just anyone filling prescriptions that affect the health of you and/or your family. What do you look for when you’re choosing a pharmacy? Qualifications? Service? Convenience? Well, lucky for you, at Medical Center Pharmacy, we have all 3!


Karen Coffman, Jenna Clack and Lora Smith are the pharmacists at Medical Center Pharmacy. Karen has a BS degree in Pharmacy, is a certified immunizer and compounding specialist. Jenna has her Doctorate in Pharmacy with a long line of experience in quality, individualized care. Lora is a graduate from the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Pharmacy with a Doctorate of Pharmacy and a year residency at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Together, they continually strive to stay abreast of new developments and treatments. We meet the highest standards set by the Texas State Board of Pharmacy, as well as other authorities.


Quality service is our priority at Medical Center Pharmacy. Oftentimes, you may have a question about one of your prescriptions. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff strives to show you the difference in service by answering these questions as they come up, as well as offering helpful advice. We are happy to answer your questions either in person or with a phone call. Never hesitate to ask! Additionally, we work to have your prescriptions ready for pickup within a few hours after you call them in. Just another way we show you the Medical Center Pharmacy difference!


We all have busy lives and there’s no need for you to wait in a long line to pickup your prescription! We strive to keep our wait times short, so that you’re in and out of our pharmacy within minutes (unless you’d like to stay and chat)! We also have a Medical Center Pharmacy app (available in your App Store) that gives you the option to refill your prescription quickly and easily via the app. Additionally, we deliver prescriptions to in-town patients 3 times daily. Our location is also convenient and central to town!

See The Medical Center Pharmacy Difference

At Medical Center Pharmacy, we want you to choose us for all your pharmaceutical needs! With top quality qualifications, service, and convenience, we can assure that you won’t be disappointed. So fill your next prescription with us and see the Medical Center Pharmacy difference!



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