prescription compounding

Prescription Compounding

One of the many qualities that set Medical Center Pharmacy apart from the rest is our prescription compounding service. In fact, Medical Center Pharmacy is the only pharmacy in Midland offering prescription compounding. But what is prescription compounding and how can it benefit you?

Why Prescription Compounding?

Put simply, prescription compounding is the process of creating a particular pharmaceutical product to specifically fit the individual needs of a patient. We do this by combining the necessary ingredient(s) using various tools. Prescription compounding can be done for a variety of reasons:

  • Medical necessity (changing the form of medication from solid to a liquid)
  • Avoiding allergies
  • Obtaining exact dosage
  • Voluntary reasons (adding flavors to a medication to enhance taste)

Prescription Compounding Benefits

One of the reasons we offer prescription compounding is to dispel the “one size fits all” thinking. Most mass produced medications are made in bulk by large pharmaceutical companies and are well tolerated by most patients. However, in the cases that those medications are not well tolerated or compatible with some patients, prescription compounding may be necessary. What are some of the benefits of prescription compounding?

  • Ease in taking medication
  • Avoiding allergies and the reactions associated
  • Customized doses
  • Continuation of a medication that has been discontinued

Keep in mind that not all pharmacies are created equal. At Medical Center Pharmacy, the Pharmacists have been specially trained in the Science of Compounding and utilize special techniques and specialized equipment needed to compound. We have been serving Midland for 20 years and have earned a reputation for treating EACH patient as an individual! Our Pharmacists have received extensive training and we are constantly researching new techniques and ideas to better serve our Patients. We invite you to experience the difference in service, value, and convenience at Medical Center Pharmacy!




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