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Recommended Vaccination Boosters For Big Life Events

As healthcare workers, the staff of Medical Center Pharmacy highly recommends receiving all of your vaccinations. However, boosters are required on occasion. Here’s our list of recommended vaccination boosters for big life events!

For College Students

The Center For Disease Control’s page on young adult vaccinations goes into depth on immunization boosters. Here’s a quick take on their recommendations!

  • HPV Vaccination – While HPV is a relatively common virus, the purpose of the injection is to eliminate the risk of the virus developing into cancers. Ideally, this three-injection vaccination series is given around the age of twelve. However, if you’ve missed a dosage or didn’t receive it at all, the CDC highly recommends it to young adults under the age of 27.
  • Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine – The dorm atmosphere of college life means living in close quarters. Bacteria, including the one that can cause meningitis, spreads easily this way! This vaccination, which is usually given when a child is 11 or 12 years old, should be followed up by a booster shot at age 16. However, if you missed that dose, they recommend having it before hoofing your belongings into a dorm room.
  • Seasonal Flu – Finals and influenza are a terrible mix! Be sure to get your seasonal flu vaccination as soon as possible.
  • Tdap – As public school systems require this vaccine series, you may already be protected. However, the CDC recommends an additional booster for young adults in case they missed a dose as a child.

For Travelers

Looking to get some stamps in your passport? That’s awesome! We love to travel, too! However, there are certain travel precautions you may want to consider prior to your trip…including certain immunization boosters.

    • MMR Booster – While measles, mumps, and rubella outbreaks are relatively scarce in the United States, many other countries may experience them more often. Developing countries often lack the infrastructure and medical expertise to combat these illnesses. It’s best to bump up your immune systems, just in case!
    • Seasonal Flu – Once again, flu is on the list! We won’t say more than JUST GET ONE!
    • The CDC may recommend additional boosters depending on which countries are on your itinerary. Some countries may require yellow fever, typhoid, or malaria immunizations. Check out their handy travel chart, so you can make an informed decision before hopping on a plane!

For Job Seekers

If you’re in the job market, congratulations! The CDC has some recommendations for you, too…especially if you’re in the healthcare or at-risk industry! In addition to all recommended immunizations we’ve already mentioned (with the exception of destination-specific travel recommendations), the CDC recommends:

      • Varicella (chickenpox) – This is specifically for people who have either (a) never had chickenpox (b) have never received the varicella immunization or (c) cannot provide a blood test showing immunity to chickenpox. Apparently, it’s said to be rougher on adults than it is kiddos.
      • Hepatitis B Booster – This booster is recommended for people who cannot provide a recent blood test showing immunity to Hepatitis B or cannot provide evidence of a completed booster series. The virus is contracted through bodily fluids, so it’s important to make certain you’re immune.

We hope this quick list has given you an idea of the immunizations you’ll need to protect you on any new adventures. Remember to discuss any concerns with your healthcare professional. MCP is proud to provide you with several different immunization options, so be sure to ask us more!

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