Compounding is the science of making a customized medication to meet each individual patients needs.

Whereas most mass produced medications are made in bulk by large pharmaceutical companies and are well tolerated by most patients, in some instances these medications may not be well tolerated or may not be compatible with some patients.

A trained compounding pharmacist makes a customized medication, according to the physician’s prescription to suit a patient’s individual needs.

The Benefits of Compounding.

  • The patient requires a customized dose
  • The patient has an allergy to a particular ingredient in a medication
  • The patient has had difficulty taking the medication
  • The patient requires a discontinued medicine

Not all Pharmacies are created equal!

Not all Pharmacies practice Compounding. At Medical Center Pharmacy, the Pharmacists have been specially trained in the Science of Compounding and utilizes special techniques and specialized equipment needed to compound.

Why Medical Center Pharmacy?

We have been serving Midland for 20 years and have earned a reputation for treating EACH patient as an individual! Our Pharmacists have received extensive training and we are constantly researching new techniques and ideas to better serve our Patients.

How the process works.

By law, in order to receive a Compounded medication your physician or veterinarian must issue a prescription with instructions indicating that they wish for the Prescription to be compounded. We are happy to speak with your provider if needed.