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Welcome to Medical Center Pharmacy

No matter where you live in Midland you are just minutes away from the city’s friendliest pharmacy. Established in the 1960s, Medical Center Pharmacy has found its home in the 3,000 square foot facility located at the Medical Center North complex.

We invite you to fill your next prescription with us and experience the difference in service, value, and convenience.

PCAB Accredited

PCAB Accredited

Medical Center Pharmacy is accredited by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB). We are the only pharmacy within a 100-mile radius to have this designation.

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Prescription Cards

Medical Center Pharmacy accepts most insurances. Click below to view the list of cards we currently accept.

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Refill Here

Prescription Refills

Click below to request a refill online. You may also call 697-7500 to request your refill. Service provided by RefillRx.

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Prevent allergies

Natural D-Hist is the ideal solution for allergy sufferers.Unlike other over-the-counter products which only mask symptoms

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are generic medicines as good as the brand?

In a word, “yes”! The Texas State Board of Pharmacy rules require that generic medications substituted for the brand must be listed as equivalent in the Federal Government’s FDA “Orange Book”. Not only must the generic product contain the same quantity of medication, it must also achieve the same blood levels and produce the same results as the brand.

What are bio-identical hormones?

Bio-identical hormones, by definition, are identical to the hormones produced by your body. Starting with soy or wild yam, organic chemists produce hormones with the same molecular structures as those produced by the human body. Unlike other “natural” hormones that are from animal origin the human body sees bio-identical hormones as its own.

My prescription is at another pharmacy. Can I get it at Medical Center Pharmacy?

Refills remaining on your prescription can be transferred to our pharmacy. Just give us a call and tell us the name of the pharmacy that last filled your prescription, that pharmacy’s phone number, the prescription number, and the patient’s name. Our pharmacist will call and transfer the prescription to Medical Center Pharmacy and you can pick up your medicine usually within two hours.


Local Delivery


We deliver prescriptions!

If you are not able to pick up your prescription, ask about our delivery service.  Medical Center Pharmacy delivers prescriptions three times a day.




Hepatitis A&B








Bio-identical hormones


Medical Center Pharmacy offers bioidentical hormone medications.  Bioidentical hormones are chemically identical to the hormones your body produces.

Anti-aging skin care products


Reduces the appearance of scars and stretch marks.  Promotes smooth and even skin tone.

Wound Care


PCCA PracaSil
A distinctive and elegant topical anhydrous silicone base.  It is an ideal choice for use on all types of scar tissue, including new scars, old scars, surgical scars, keloids, and stretch marks.

Meet The Pharmacists

Prescription Compounding

Medical Center Pharmacy provides prescription compounding. Compounding is the creation of a particular pharmaceutical product to fit the unique needs of a patient. To do this, Medical Center Pharmacy combines and/or processes appropriate ingredient(s) utilizing various tools. This may be done for medically necessary reasons, such as to change the form of the medication from a solid pill to a liquid, to avoid a non-essential ingredient that the patient is allergic to, or to obtain the exact dose needed. It may also be done for voluntary reasons, such as adding favorite flavors to a medication.

About Us

Medical Center Pharmacy is prepared to take the practice of pharmacy into the 21st century. Built with growth and flexibility in mind, as treatment options change our physical facility can be altered to fit the patient’s need. The staff continually strives to stay abreast of new developments and treatments. The compounding pharmacist and staff continually train to meet the highest standards set forth by the Texas State Board of Pharmacy and other authorities which oversee our profession.

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